Schunemunk State Park: Rail Corridor Crossing on Trails Forbidden

August 24, 2020


Attention hikers planning to use the Jessup, Sweet Clover, Otterkill, Dark Hollow, or Highlands trails: the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) forbids crossing its rail corridor in Schunemunk State Park. Trespassers may be fined or charged with criminal trespass by MTA police. There are currently no trail connections within the park between the east side (Taylor Road and meadows) and west side (Otterkill Road and mountain) of the railroad tracks. This includes the Jessup Trail (Yellow) near its junction with the Otterkill Trail (Red), and the Sweet Clover Trail (White) near its junction with the Dark Hollow Trail (Black). This map outlines the closures in the area.

Please do not attempt to cross the active railroad tracks anywhere in this area. These closures are due to an increase in trespassing at the Moodna Viaduct trestle. Anyone crossing the railroad tracks will be ticketed by MTA police, who are actively monitoring the area. A solution for re-opening access is being sought but it will take some time. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated.